Help: Coordinate Converter


Coordinate Converter converts astronomical coordinates from one system into another.


  • Coordinate System: Can be any one of:
    1. Equatorial (2000): Equatorial coordinates with an epoch of 2000
    2. Equatorial (1950): Equatorial coordinates with an epoch of 1950. Note that many older catalogs are in B1950 coordinates.
    3. Galactic: Galactic coordinate system with l = 0 at the center of the Galaxy.
    4. Ecliptic (1950): Ecliptic coordinate system centered on the Earth with the ecliptic plane as b = 0.
  • Input format is flexible. The separator can be spaces or commas:
    1. Two parameters for decimal degrees: RA or longitude in degrees (0 - 360); Declination in degrees (-90 to +90)
    2. Six parameters: Hours, minutes and seconds for each of RA and Declination or longitude and latitude.
  • Output Coordinates: Same choices as input coordinates.
  • Calculate button (or Enter): Performs the conversion.
  • Clear button: Clears the Coordinates Box.



Given in both degrees and hours, minutes, and seconds.


Uses WCS routines.


Applies to V1.0 on June 27, 2008.


Geetha L. Kathya D.
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