Astronomy Software

As part of our program development and science activities, we have written a set of science tools for such actions as calculating Kurucz models for given spectral types and for calculating the interstellar radiation field (ISRF) at different locations in the sky (needed for our diffuse radiation models), Zodiacal light calculator etc.


Stellar Spectrum Calculator

Stellar Spectrum Calculator is based on Kurucz model spectra. It generates the star spectrum for a given magnitude, spectral type and E(B-V). Backend is written in C (ANSI).


ISRF Calculator

Interstellar Radiation Field (ISRF) Calculator is based on Stellar Flux Calculator. For any given location in sky, it calculates the total radiation fields from the contribution of stars in the vicinity. Star catalog used here is Hipparcos.


Zodiacal Light Calculator

This tool calculates the zodiacal light spectrum from a given location in the sky at a given date. A web interface is available. Backend is written in C (ANSI).


Fits to jpeg Converter

This software converts fits images to jpeg, along with optional intensity/flux scaling to improve the visibility of image features. Scaling options are: linear/log/square-root/square/cubic/normalize/histogram-equalize. You can perform other operations like negating the image, set min-max range, zoom etc. fits2jpeg is written in C (ANSI). Supports batch processing as well. You can find the source-code and binaries in the download area.