Stellar Spectrum Calculator: Test Cases


We have created a program to simulate the stellar spectrum as it is observed on earth. This program requires the apparent (V) magnitude, spectral type and extinction to generate the spectrum using Kurucz models. Program test cases are listed in this document.

Test Method

UV spectra of a wide veriety of stars were downloaded from IUE archive. Stellar spectra were then generated using the stellar flux calculator, for the same apparent (V) magnitude, extinction and spectral type. This simulated spectrum is then compared with the IUE data.


Results for a few representative cases are listed below. In these figures, the observed data is plotted as points, and the solid line is the spectrum generated using flux calculator. Details of the IUE spectrum and source properties are shown in each of the plots. Links to the data files used are also given below each of the plots.

HD 57061
Download: [Simulated Spectrum]  [IUE SWP49901]  [IUE LWP27295]

Beta Centauri (Hadar)
Download: [Simulated Spectrum]  [IUE SWP17381]  [IUE LWR13628]

Alpha Lyrae (Vega)
Download: [Simulated Spectrum]  [IUE SWP45285]  [IUE LWP23642]

Alpha Canis Minoris (Procyon)
Download: [Simulated Spectrum]  [IUE SWP33345]  [IUE LWP13112]